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Soul Searchers Week 5 - Unstoppable

The believers in Jerusalem keep speaking about Jesus and doing amazing things in his name but Saul wants to put a stop to them!

In lots of parts of the world, Christians are still in danger for believing in Jesus. Open Dorrs works with Christians in those countries to try to help keep them safe, and to make sure they have access to Bibles and other things they need.

Visit the Open Doors website to hear about a man, who they call Paul, who lives in Eritrea and what living as a Christian has meant for him. There are other videos and resources there to help you learn about what it's like to be a Christian in these places, and to help you to pray for Christians in danger. Click on the logo below to go to their website.

One of the ways that we can give thanks to God for all he has done is to sing about who he is and what he has done. This song mentions lots of the things that God has done that seem like they should be impossible but show that God is unstoppable, just like we saw from Acts!

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