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Soul Searchers Week 3 - Faith in Jesus

Updated: May 8, 2020

The apostles begin to attract a bit of attention as the Holy Spirit continues to work through them.

Not impressed by my skills? Check out 2venezolanos, but please don't try these at home!!

Sadly, these guys aren't as magic as they look - they use video editing to make it look like they can do amazing things. A little bit like how Peter said he and John didn't deserve any praise for healing the lame man, Alejandro and Kevin don't deserve any praise for being able to do press ups in the road without being squished - they aren't able to do that at all without the video editing! But what Peter and John did had no editing, the lame man really did walk again and praise God for it but it wasn't Peter and John who deserved the praise, it was the Holy Spirit doing miracles through them so that the people would believe what they said about Jesus and turn back to God.


You will need:

- cork (you just want a small cut off)

- bowl of water

- magnet

- a sewing pin or needle

Brush the magnet along the needle 100 time, always going in the same direction.

Push the needle through the cork - you might find it helpful to use a thimble or something hard to push the needle with.

Put some water into your bowl and place your cork in the water.

The needle by itself the needle will move to point North. If you put your magnet close to it, it will change the direction that the needle points.

Why not ask one of your parents to take a photo and share it with me so that others can see your compass creation!

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